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Three Words For The New Year


PERSPECTIVE – A wise friend used to say, “Always mind the events of the world. Be informed, but never take your mind off the sweet spot. This, in the end, is your saving grace.”

Find the sweet spot. Take this decadent New Year’s Eve Appetizer, for example. The naked eye was rather assaulted by the unattractive odds and ends that occupied much of the background. But the lens framed the inviting textures and colors, bringing them to center stage.

The sweet spot is often most evident in the presence of friends and family, and often while chatting over a good meal. We bring perspective and support to each other’s lives.


CHOICE – An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if every moment of life were listed on the pages of an attractive menu? We would have to stop and consider the options; decide if we stick with an old favorite or try something new, boldly. There would be others nearby, also checking the menu for the next best choice. “Have you ever tried this?” one might ask. “Yes. It is a great choice. You will enjoy it,” comes the answer.

We make decisions every day without so much as sitting down to consider the outcome, and without checking in with trusted advisers. Granted, some are small decisions, that require no such processing, but perhaps we sometimes think of new choices as small, when in fact they demand an extra pause.


POISE – The table is one place where tradition and decorum endure through the ages. Even when going out to a simple lunch on the spur of the moment, in our jeans and t-shirt, something happens when we cross the threshold of a restaurant, dining room or kitchen. The atmosphere changes. The pace changes. The mood changes. There is a distinctive and sudden sense of ease, as though we had just stepped into another dimension. We feel humbled, somehow.

Maybe that’s the trick when stress and fear overcome the day: to imagine approaching a feast and to allow the same, spontaneous, regal well-being to infuse the moment and soften the mind.

Here are a few more photos from just moments before we served our New Year’s Eve meal. Thank you for a great year past and a great year to come. Eat well. Be well.

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