Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts – Dec 28, 2012

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The same question pops up here and there these days. Sometimes the person asking puts on a serious face, as if life itself depended on the answer. Most of the time, however, we ask it in jest, knowing very well that the answer has little grasp on us; or is it that we have little grasp on it?

Any New Year’s Resolutions? we ask. Perhaps we sense that our mutual “failures” at least confirm that we are human, so we can forgive ourselves for not always reaching high goals. The thing is, we set the bar too high, often expecting too much too fast.

New aspirations demand we not throw away our right to whims and preferences. For instance, we do not have to become vegetarians overnight; we can have a salad with grilled chicken. What matters is that we savor the moment. It is when slowing down and paying attention to the road ahead that we make the right turns. Denying the driver makes the true journey impossible, much like an all or nothing approach denies us the experience of all the flavors that life has to offer.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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