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The Monday Mag – Nov 7, 2016

In This Edition Of Our Somewhat Weekly Magazine:

  • Daylight Feeding Time
  • Food Fancies of Presidential Proportions… That’s a Mouthful!!
  • The Varnum Food Fare

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week ~ “”May our feast days be many and our fast days be few.” – Mary L. Booth


Daylight Feeding Time ~ While it is true that we gain a delicious hour of sleep on the first morning we “Fall Back,” research shows that the body’s internal rhythms take quite a while to adjust. After all, we lie to our internal clock for eight months of the year! Gradually changing your sleep schedule around this time is a worthwhile strategy. However, putting the right fuel in that fine-tuned machine that is you is more than half the battle. Thankfully, when it comes to food, we can’t say that there is any battle at all. Eating for the time, literally, is as simple as increasing your intake of fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt (our Granola Parfait is perfectly satisfying) and whole grains. Vegetables are a daily must, of course, but it is our intake of fruit we should increase at this time. For example, our Grilled Salmon Salad with Baby Greens, Mangoes, Tomato, Strawberries, Red Onion, Carrots and Balsamic Dressing for lunch would be an ideal selection. Just sayin’. You get the picture.


Food Fancies of Presidential Proportions… That’s a Mouthful!! ~ “What, you might ask, does this election have to do with the history of food?” asks the author of Leftovers, a History of the World in 1000 Cookbooks Blog. We started out researching the history of our relationship with leftovers, since this is especially prominent during the Holiday Season, when we stumbled upon an uncommon menu of presidential photographs highlighting candid captured mouth-full moments. Interestingly, did you know that the first cookbook devoted to leftovers was published by a refrigerator company. But we digress… “Beginning with Truman and FDR, there’s an explosion of photographs of presidents in more informal settings, often eating. And not refined, fancy food…” We invite you to pop over (popover, get it?!) to Food and The Race For The American Presidency: a Photo Essay, for the full smorgasbord.


The Varnum Food Fare: Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney ~ We do not think about raw food much at this time of year, when nature turns on the chill, but it is in this very family of foods that reside the elements that will keep us strong all winter long. The spectrum of color and flavor itself is a gift for the senses. The table of content sets the stage with intriguing titles: Blossom, Contemporary, Inspiration, Spice, Radiance, Revolution and Meaningful. From the author’s website: “Chef Matthew takes the raw food lifestyle to exquisite new heights. He combines his love of art and culture with his philosophy on food to create recipes for outstanding raw food dishes… The recipes span many ethnicities… Kenney’s focus is always on fresh fruits and vegetables, organic, and buying food locally in season… Raw food made right will always enhance the flavors and pleasures of eating…” … Explore at the Varnum Memorial Library or your local library.


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