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Looking Back at 5 Favorites

The 158 Main Blog is now 375 articles thick. It would seem that even at the pace of a single article per week, we’d run out of steam, or ideas, but that is far from the truth. This is a bottomless stew. Thank you so much for reading us. Keeping this project alive is a true pleasure and we hope it adds pleasant and playful variety to your weekly web explorations.

The Fricassée of Words is a personal favorite segment. As for the entire Blog, it is a side dish of food musings because food without thought and imagination is simply not savored to the fullest. It is a main course of flavor to draw the attention to the table, away from the tribulations of daily life. It is dessert for a moment of sweet idleness in between the many obligations of modern life. Oops, getting carried away!

All this to say… here are our 5 Favorite Articles of 2018.

You Dream What You Eat – February 2018

There was a time, oh centuries ago actually, when your family physician would skim over concerns regarding your mom and dad’s and siblings’ ailments to focus instead on dreams and diet, yours. This would have been your experience had you had the good fortune to have Hippocrates as your personal doctor

Eating with Your Hands is Good for You – April 2018

It is commonly agreed, even among the most illustrious historians, that the Greeks and Egyptians of antiquity were highly civilized. Yet, they ate with their hands. Turns out they were highly attuned to the body and we owe them our deepest philosophies of the pleasures of the table

Earth Sandwiches and The Upper Crust – July 2018

Saturday is often a work day here at the Blog desk, and this particular morning called for a sweet breakfast treat, laptop-side. Walking by the above pictured table on the way to retrieving the to-go treasure did the rest. And so, we now present 2 odd facts you may not know about bread

5 Food Myths with a Twist – September 2018

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is probably the most popular food related belief. There is some truth to it, but not exactly as we might envision. We’ll return to this one later. We believe you will certainly not mind as our first food myth pertains to red wine, and you’ll be pleased to know that it, too, carries some truth

Fricassee of Words – The Proof is in The Pudding – October 2018

This expression is an affirmation that something is expected to perform reliably based on past performance. It could also be an endorsement of someone, suggesting that this person has kept their word or performed a job satisfactorily in the past and is therefore trusted to do so again… As for that pudding, we must first turn to the baker’s kitchen for the origins and use of the word “proof,” and it has nothing to with pudding

What? No Turkey?! – November 2018

It all started around 1846, when poet and novelist Sarah Josepha Hale took it upon herself to write to President Lincoln suggesting that making an official Holiday of the traditional Pilgrim-honoring meal would be good for community morale. She even proposed recipes many historians now suggest may have inspired our traditional Thanksgiving fare

And now, on to a new year of food musings.