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Jeffersonville Pizza Department Celebrates 10 Years!

It was September 8, 2004, on a Wednesday, when we took our first pizza out of the oven up at JPD. Thousands of pizzas and many other time-honored favorites later, it is time to pause for a heartfelt THANK YOU. We owe much of our success to your loyalty and feedback. Thank you for choosing… Continue reading Jeffersonville Pizza Department Celebrates 10 Years!


A Message From Chef Jack

As I woke this morning, January 23, 2014, I am feeling particularly proud. 10 years ago today, we opened 158 Main. Wow! Time flies.I feel responsible to thank many. My family, brothers, sister, mom and dad; daughters Cheyenne and Sinead, and wife Sherry Parker, my loves.Also, I must thank the community that has supported 158… Continue reading A Message From Chef Jack