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Like a Box of Chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” may be America’s most famous film industry quote. And we bet we don’t even need to specify the source, do we? It is also a fitting phrase to introduce this week’s article, which happens to be like a box of chocolates too as it evolved into a tapestry… Continue reading Like a Box of Chocolates

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America’s Top 5 Comfort Foods

A simple question was the premise for this late January exploration: Do our comfort food preferences change with the seasons? This is by no means a scientific analysis. We gathered our data by reading various articles, from Reader’s Digest to foodies’ blogs to the food segment of various national newspapers, and went with a gut… Continue reading America’s Top 5 Comfort Foods

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You Say Shepherd’s Pie; I Say China Pie

Most shepherds probably never tasted shepherd’s pie; at least not while on the job. The reason for this is purely practical. Shepherds spent days miles away from the landowner’s cottage. The dish’s ingredients clearly did not lend themselves to carrying out on long, overnight hikes. We can easily infer from its name and ingredients that… Continue reading You Say Shepherd’s Pie; I Say China Pie