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A Brief History of Tourtière

Tourtière – A mixture of cubed meat, onions, potatoes and seasonings baked in a pastry-lined casserole or dish and topped with a layer of pastry. A Tourtière is generally large enough to yield several portions and the crust is eaten along with its contents. Mincemeat Pie – A mixture of chopped nuts, dried fruit, apples,… Continue reading A Brief History of Tourtière

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Milk & Cookies for Santa and Odin

Holiday Season traditions are as numerous as cultures and beliefs. That goes without saying. One thing is for sure though, gathering around a copious meal is a favorite way to celebrate traditional Holidays, milestones and victories around the world. Another thing is certain, regardless of beliefs, Christmas is one Holiday that adds wonder into little… Continue reading Milk & Cookies for Santa and Odin

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What? No Turkey?!

Mary had a little lamb, Its fleece was white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go. Just days till Thanksgiving as of this writing. We had our first snow already, which seems early compared to recent years. Nature may throw us a curve or two, but traditions remain. Then,… Continue reading What? No Turkey?!