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It Was An Accident!

The sandwich. Accident. Cobb Salad. Accident. Chocolate chip cookies. Accident. The first two were created to satisfy hunger when the kitchen was low on options and the patron both valued and demanding. The third was the result of an inspired ingredient substitution that gave birth to an irresistible treat. These made it into culinary history… Continue reading It Was An Accident!

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Mind Your Manners

Manners: a person's way of behaving toward others, well-bred social behavior. Time and again, scholars and lovers of good conversation have debated the idea of manners over a good, long meal. Virtue and reverence may have been subtitles to these philosophical explorations. Can one have manners without virtue and reverence? If virtue and reverence are… Continue reading Mind Your Manners

Food Facts & Lore

February, National Snack Foods Month

Upon hearing the word “snack,” we frequently imagine a favorite grab-and-go treat we can find at a glance at a local daily stop on the way to work or back home. The mind homes in on a familiar package. It knows what the body craves; hardly a conscious thought is required. The true definition of… Continue reading February, National Snack Foods Month