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What? No Turkey?!

Mary had a little lamb, Its fleece was white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go. Just days till Thanksgiving as of this writing. We had our first snow already, which seems early compared to recent years. Nature may throw us a curve or two, but traditions remain. Then,… Continue reading What? No Turkey?!

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First, Television. Then, Baby Carrots.

Television entered the American living room and culture in the 1950’s. TV dinners were the next inevitable expression of human ingenuity and, perhaps, necessity. This in turn transformed the vegetable farming industry as niche, or boutique farmers shifted their practices to tap into the demands of this new food packaging. American farmers started breeding and… Continue reading First, Television. Then, Baby Carrots.

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This Week in Food History – 09/04/2017

September is rich in color in this part of the world. The sunlight turns a deeper shade of gold, somehow. The sky seems a deeper blue. And, of course, the trees put on a show. Colors abound table-side as well this month, with no fewer than 12 month-long Food Holidays in addition to the daily… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 09/04/2017