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Baguette… Like a Gold Ingot

Bread is a universal gift. Even in this culture, where many have more than enough food and stuff, we all understand the deep significance of bread. It’s more than an understanding; it’s a knowing, a feeling. There is history in every loaf. There is comfort in every bite.

Consider this: The instant your attention is drawn to a loaf of bread the very chemistry of your body changes and stress has a hiccup. It stops in its tracks. This is scientifically measurable, but we don’t need to measure it. The feeling is potent. You know what we mean. You can picture it right now. Perhaps you stopped by 158 Main for breakfast and noticed fresh baguettes piled on the baker’s table, like gold ingots. Did you feel that? You smiled internally. Perhaps you smiled outwardly too.

Bread saves the day. It morphs into toast for a crispy start to morning, or canapés when impromptu guests arrive. It does not even need to be dressed up. Brie, a sliced baguette and a good red wine will suffice. And you can also create something a more elaborate to savor. Consider if you will our three favorite Baguette inspired Recipes. We originally published these on this blog under the title, “Baguette Snacks & Sandwiches.” Tried them yet?

Artichoke Crostini au Gratin – Our Spinach & Artichoke Dip is one of the most requested appetizers when catering. We must confess that it is one of our favorites as well. Here is an interesting variation for tasty, elegant bites you can easily serve as a first course or add to a buffet style table, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create.

Camembert Maple Fondue – Here in Vermont, maple syrup is a tradition, one that extends far beyond the breakfast table. If you like entertaining, we are certain that this classy yet easy to prepare appetizer will delight you and your guests. Actually, you may want to serve it on special occasions even when no guests are coming to dinner; when celebrating a personal accomplishment for instance.

Hummus Bacon Bites – We could not resist a recipe that features bacon as a main ingredient. This baguette sandwich is quite nutritious and immensely satisfying. While you can certainly use any type of hummus you wish, we have found that plain hummus is sure to please anyone. However, we thought the taste was out of this world when we used roasted red pepper hummus.

Fresh, in-house baked Baguettes and Breads are available year-round. Just ask when you stop in for a meal, or order ahead by calling 802-644-8100.

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