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Baguette Snacks & Sandwiches ~ Hummus Bacon Bites

Guilty as charged. We could not resist a recipe that features bacon as a main ingredient. This baguette sandwich is quite nutritious and immensely satisfying.

While you can certainly use any type of hummus you wish, we have found that plain hummus is sure to please anyone. However, we thought the taste was out of this world when we used roasted red pepper hummus.

This recipe will serve 8. Make smaller bites for a buffet tray.

158 -0210 - baguette


1 baguette
6 ounces of hummus
Baby spinach to taste
8 slices of bacon (or more!), cooked


1- Cut the baguette in half, lengthwise

2- Spread hummus on bottom half

3- Add a layer of baby spinach

4- Add bacon. Then, cover with top half of baguette

5 – Slice into 8 sandwiches

Best serving suggestions: Serve along with cream of mushroom soup and  quartered tomatoes, sprinkled with coarse salt. Or serve with roasted, herbed potato salad.

Take some bread home: White, Wheat, Maple-Wheat, Rye, Multi-Grain, Honey-Oat, Cinnamon-Raisin and, of course, Baguettes.

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