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The Monday Mag – Feb 23, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

– Always Carry A Lemon
– Ever Used A Blowtorch To Open A Wine Bottle?
– Of Carrot Juice And Cheese

158 - lemon

Always Carry A Lemon – Studies have long shown the benefits of aromatherapy, but lemon oil is by far the most effective stimulating scent. In fact, while coffee provides a measurable boost of energy, lemon scent has been shown to be more than twice as effective at improving mood. Even lemonade works. Bring some to that next long, stressful business meeting.

Ever Used A Blow Torch To Open A Wine Bottle? –

WARNING: Using a blowtorch to open a bottle of wine is dangerous. It works, but as they say, do not try this at home.

Of Carrot Juice And Cheese – Ever wonder why some cheeses are orange? Centuries ago, cheese was naturally yellowish due to the breed of cows that produced it. This color became associated with quality. But in the 1600’s, English cheese makers realized they could increase their profits if they skimmed the cream off to sell it separately. This resulted in a whiter cheese. They added natural pigments, such as carrot juice, to restore the familiar color. The practice became an accepted tradition, except here in Vermont, as evidenced by our buttermilk white Cheddar.

158 - cheddar

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