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The Monday Mag – March 2, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

– Please Don’t Wear That Perfume To Dinner Dear
– That Sauce Whose Name No One Can Get Right
– Salad Is Not For Dieters

158 - parfume

Please Don’t Wear That Perfume To Dinner Dear – You might assume we are going to say a word about overbearing perfumes from the next table. It’s a bit more subtle than that. Smell is intimately linked with taste. Any fragrance, even one we are accustomed to, affects the experience of eating. This is believed to be very closely related to the instinctive reaction that protected us from eating dangerous substances in the wild, thousands of years ago. In essence, perfumes can trick the brain into perceiving a threat in each bite (as in don’t eat this, it smells like the fruit that nearly killed Booba last week), thus elevating stress hormones during the meal.

158 - sauce

That Sauce Whose Name No One Can Get Quite Right – It is said that Lord Marcus Sandys, an early 19th century English nobleman and governor of Bengal, discovered the sauce while living abroad and brought the recipe back to England. If you wonder why he did not give it his own name, the answer is simple: there is no record of said governor. In truth, the fish-based sauce was already in use in Great Britain, where fisheries abounded. It became a marketable delicacy thanks to the work of two Worcester county (Worcestershire) chemists who perfected a recipe and gave it an exotic twist.

158 - salad

Salad Is Not For Dieters – The reason that giant salad is never quite as satisfying as the coveted steak and potatoes may not lie in taste so much as it lies in one simple eye-brain illusion: Everything we see is placed in categories. If you lump everything together, it counts as one. The steak and potatoes, side by side on a dish, inform us that we are partaking of a variety of food experiences. The satisfaction is immediate and real. When dieting, serving (or ordering) a chicken salad with chicken on the side may increase the chances of staying on course.

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