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Know How to Fuel Your Day on The Slopes?

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In spite of the milder weather and absence of snow in the village at the time of this writing, Smugglers’ Notch presently offers some well-groomed terrain for early season skiers, thus satisfying their appetite for the brisk air, the melody of skis and snowboards against the white surface, and that experience of flight that even flight itself cannot duplicate.

Truly, skiing may very well be the closest thing to flying. The sense of freedom is indescribable. It is more than this; it is a sense of control and mastery. The skier masters the elements and his or her own body all at once. The exhilaration releases troubles from the mind; it even releases the imagination. All the senses are free-flying.

Skiing opens the appetite as if nourishment for the body alone were no longer the goal. It is nourishment for the entire being that we require. Perhaps skiing simply revives our appetite for life in general. It certainly increases our appetite for copious servings of tasty food. This calls for good quality fuel intake.

A 100-pound person burns about 423 calories for every hour of skiing (a complete hour, not counting time spent on or waiting for the lift). A 200-pound person burns approximately 727 calories for every hour on the slopes. We can see already that foods that provide long-lasting energy might be the best fuel to support a day of trail blazing. Notice that time spent suiting up and waiting in line for the lift counts.

Whether you are a pro or beginner, consider these easy guidelines the next time you head out to the Smugglers’ Notch slopes:

Breakfast Eggs and whole-grain toast or eggs and oatmeal. And make sure you include fruit or juice.

Lunch A pasta dish. Also re-hydrate with a good glass of water. Tea or coffee actually contribute to dehydration. Drink water when skiing.

Dinner A grilled chicken dish or fish dish and a hearty soup.

A granola bar or yogurt are great choices for a snack.

Exertion is the perfect reason for good food choices; food for optimal endurance and performance should provide slow-burning carbohydrates, low-fat and a moderate amount of good-quality protein. After a day on the slopes at Smuggs, you’ll feel like your body can tackle a mountain of food. This is not a time when you want to be bothered with a diet, and you should not. A vacation is a vacation, after all, even if it’s just a one-day excursion out of the office for a fresh perspective. All the more reason to eat smart.

Secure a good meal. Secure your hat and mittens and enjoy the flight!

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