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Famous Dinner Scenes – What About Bob?

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Imagine Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss at the same table in this scene, trying to keep a straight face! It would not be surprising if this were one of the movies with the most outtakes in the history of American film.

In this very popular 1991 movie, an especially manipulative client (Murray), who happens to be afflicted by remarkable obsessive-compulsive behaviors, crashes his psychiatrist’s family vacation. Understandably, the good doctor’s own sanity is jeopardized in that instant.

This highly successful comedy brought in $63 million at American box offices and and nearly half as much through subsequent video rentals and sales. Roger Ebert (Siskel and Ebert) gave the film a “thumbs up” and observed that it was Bill Murray’s best movie since Ghostbusters (1984).

What about Bob? has been used in psychology classes across America. There is more to it, of course, than the mere portrayal of the actors. Perhaps the way in which each chose to embody his specific role leads to much observation and pondering for the student of psychology and behavior. It was said by some critiques, for instance, that Dreyfuss had adopted an overly angry stance for his role.

Clearly, there are several layers up for discussion with any movie, but those whose premise is relationships, perhaps especially family relationships, offer much food for thought.

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