Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts – Dec 4, 2012

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It is not all or nothing, is it? Life, all of it, is a matter of balance. We must balance our thoughts and values, our needs and our wants. Every day, it is as though we are brining together the ingredients for a special recipe. Much as with cooking, the laws of chemistry and physics apply. Some ingredients do not mix well, the cake collapses on itself when the oven door is open too soon. Perhaps the kitchen and the table, those very places that are instrumental in feeding us, also serve as metaphor for the nourishment of life as a whole. Here a pinch, there a smidgen, the forks to the left of the plate, salad before the meal… instructions for a perfect feast are a road map to a flavorful life. We must take small bites and chew on every thought.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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