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Three Foods That Changed the World

America celebrated Woodstock’s 50th anniversary last week (August 15). The significance of this event reaches beyond the generation it marked the most. Like the first moon walk, it is one of those moments in history that have such an impact that we know about them even without access to media coverage. Woodstock changed the world,… Continue reading Three Foods That Changed the World

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Ketchup is the most popular condiment in America. It is found in 97% of kitchens and most people consume on average 3 bottles per year. Interestingly, there is some sound reasoning behind the decision to consider Ketchup a vegetable. A mere 4 tablespoons provide nearly the same nutritional value as a medium tomato. Furthermore, very… Continue reading Ketchup

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The Tomato & The Original Ketchup Recipe

We mentioned Ketchup on the 158 Main Facebook page, earlier today. As a condiment that truly marks the history of the culinary arts, it deserves further attention. Believe it or not, until the mid-nineteenth century, Americans believed tomatoes were poisonous. If consumed at all, they were previously boiled for hours.  In truth, the stem and… Continue reading The Tomato & The Original Ketchup Recipe