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It Was An Accident!

The sandwich. Accident. Cobb Salad. Accident. Chocolate chip cookies. Accident. The first two were created to satisfy hunger when the kitchen was low on options and the patron both valued and demanding. The third was the result of an inspired ingredient substitution that gave birth to an irresistible treat. These made it into culinary history… Continue reading It Was An Accident!

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Cookies Cookies Cookies

For this week’s article, we thought we’d look up interesting statistics about Christmas treats, such as how much money we Americans spend on Holiday candy, or how many pounds of pie and cookies we eat during this season of giving and receiving and partying. The numbers were interesting for sure, but what stood out in… Continue reading Cookies Cookies Cookies

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This Week in Food History – 05/15/2017

Hamburgers are among the many foods enjoying a month-long spotlight in May. Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan conquered two thirds of the known world in his time (12th – 13th century). His cavalry-based army adopted ground meats, mostly lamb, formed into a patty as a convenient and portable ration. The Mongols invaded Russia in the late… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 05/15/2017