Friday Night at the Gallery

A play in two acts. Act I: The cutting board. Act II: Victuals, Art & Conversation Mixer hosted by Cambridge Arts Council and Bryan Memorial Gallery, Friday, October 11, 2013. Catering: 158 Main. Music: Arthur Zorn. ACT I ACT II Many thanks to Cambridge Arts Council and Bryan Memorial Gallery for the privilege to cater… Continue reading Friday Night at the Gallery


Early Fall Catering Vistas

At the time of this writing, we are sorting through, cleaning and re-organizing catering containers, dishes, glasses, utensils and such after two back-to-back gigs this weekend. Both were for the same client and consisted in a small brunch for a wedding party on Saturday morning, followed by a banquet for the actual event in the… Continue reading Early Fall Catering Vistas

Family time

TripAdvisor Review: Best Catering in Vermont

Last weekend, we catered and hosted a wedding dinner party. Planning such events is always an invigorating collaborative effort. You must get a sense of who your clients are in a relatively short time in order to create an event that truly matches their style and vision. The challenge is even greater for them, since… Continue reading TripAdvisor Review: Best Catering in Vermont