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TripAdvisor Review: Best Catering in Vermont

Last weekend, we catered and hosted a wedding dinner party.

Planning such events is always an invigorating collaborative effort. You must get a sense of who your clients are in a relatively short time in order to create an event that truly matches their style and vision.

The challenge is even greater for them, since it requires much trust on their part. In the end, a very special relationship emerges. Though we may not cross paths again frequently, the memory remains deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of all involved. It transforms us. During these events, we are filled with gratitude. It is a privilege, always, to take part in these special moments in people’s lives.

The evening unfolded seamlessly. We felt tired and exhilarated all at once. Then, this review appeared on TripAdvisor.  THANK YOU, K. Leone, for your very kind words and  encouragement, and for making us part of your story.

158 - blog - 0315

K. Leone, Brooklyn, NY -TripAdvisor review dated March 12, 2013

I’ve eaten at 158 Main multiple times, the food is fresh and the restaurant is warm. ‘

But 158 Main is more than a restaurant, it’s a caterer as well. My partner and I hired Jack Foley, the owner of 158 Main, to cater our wedding and all the events surrounding it. Working with Jack to develop a menu that met our needs and desires was a seamless experience. When first meeting with Jack, we sat down for about an hour to talk about the things we like and didn’t like with food and he asked us what our budget was. A couple weeks later, Jack came back to us with a perfect proposed menu that fit within the budget we expressed to him. We changed just two things on a list of 25-30. Just incredible! A few weeks later, Jack invited us back for a tasting of the menu. We were not disappointed, the food was phenomenal.

Not only did we hire Jack to cater our wedding but we also used the second floor of his restaurant, which serves as a large event space, to host our wedding reception. We comfortably fit 50 people to eat dinner and had room for a bartender and dance floor. The staff who worked our event were friendly and accommodating to all of our guests. It was clear that the staff at 158 Main had just as good of time as we did.

On top of the food and event space, Jack was very transparent about ways that we could cut miscellaneous costs such as beer bottle costs versus keg costs, or cake cutting costs, which other venues that we were looking at were eager to charge us for.

We’ll certainly return to 158 Main for a meal again but also highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a really good Vermont caterer to consider Jack Foley and his team at 158 Main.

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