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Random Thoughts – 11/24/13

What makes breakfast so different from other meals? We come together for breakfast. That is, we gather ourselves. If sleeping rests the mind and body, then breakfast is our grounding moment. We are not ready to face the day when we step over the threshold of the job site or classroom; we are ready to… Continue reading Random Thoughts – 11/24/13

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Fricassee of Words – Are You a Good Egg?

Fricassee: Meat cut into pieces and stewed in gravy. Fricassee of Words: Musings on food-inspired expressions, words and word play, with occasional bits and pieces of kitchen jargon too. Don't stir the pot, go fry an egg, two eggs in a basket are better than one hen in the bush... you get the picture by… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – Are You a Good Egg?