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March Bites

Coq au Vin - 158 Main Restaurant - Jeffersonville - VT

Celery, noodles and peanuts. Flour, frozen food, sauce and caffeine. It almost sounds like it is time to replenish to food supply in the fridge, otherwise even that usually weird and sudden midnight snack craving will not be satisfied by any stretch of the imagination. In truth, add the words National and Month before and after each of them and you’ve got six foods and one beverage to celebrate throughout the spring equinox month.

We love March. Moods shift noticeably at this time, even in spite of this year’s uncommonly cold and challenging winter. The days are getting longer and skiers savor every single one as they sense the preciousness of the remaining rides. If you look around carefully, you can even see buds risking a tiny spurt of growth on tree branches.

We love March for another reason too. Whoever comes up with these monthly food holidays has somehow turned this month into a 158 Main and JPD treasure. Not that we mean to boast, mind you, but it is as though our menu favorites were in perfect harmony with the March food celebration calendar. It begins on March 9 with dishes to honor 158 Main and JPD on the very same day.

First stop, 158 – March 9 is National Crabmeat Day. The possibilities right there span all four menus and who says you have to celebrate a food exactly on the day it is honored? Meals on a whim are the best. Consider, perhaps, Crab Cake Benedict for Brunch (3/9 happens to be a Saturday this year), a Crab Meat Omelette with Home Fries for Breakfast, our famous Crab Cake sandwich for Lunch or Crab Crusted Tilapia for Dinner.

On to JPD, also inspired by the March 9 food highlight; National Meatball Day in this case. Meatball on a generous bed of linguine, served with House Salad and Garlic Bread or Meatball Sub or Meatball on a golden Pizza Pie? Your choice.

On March 10, you might have doused your salad with extra Ranch Dressing at 158 or ask for an extra Ranch to dip your Wings at JPD.

Baked Scallops have the spotlight on March 12. Variations on the theme would fill your plate with New England Pan Seared Scallops with potato, leeks, bacon and corn in a lobster sauce, garnished with fried onions, or a Broiled Seafood Trifecta with haddock, shrimp and scallops in a lemon wine butter sauce, Pilaf and vegetable medley. Both can be found on the Dinner menu.

Our signature and most famous appetizer and most stunning salad may be celebrated on March 16, National Artichoke Hearts Day. We’re thinking about the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, of course. The Grilled Lime Chicken Salad fits the bill as well, and then some. You’ll find the Dip on the Dinner, Lunch and Brunch menus. The salad is available for Lunch and Dinner.

Plan a take-out night on National Ravioli Day, March 20. JPD is your destination for this one. Ravioli is served fried as an appetizer or baked with garlic bread and house salad. The fried Ravioli is most enjoyable along with a Chicken Caesar or Veggie Anti Pasta Salad, should you wish to make a meal of it.

On March 22nd, you’ll want to order Coq au Vin for dinner if you choose to allow the celebrated food du jour to inspire your selection.

You may conclude your March foods extravaganza on the 24th, National Cocktail Day. Be sure to make a toast to abundance then. March 26 follows with the most democratic holiday of all: Make up your own Holiday Day. That right there deserves another toast.

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