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What is The World’s Most Expensive Chocolate?

February is well underway at the time of this writing, and Valentine’s Day is but a few sunrises away. It seems only fitting to focus our attention on the sweet of sweets, chocolate.

Confectionery chefs strive to develop the perfect chocolate treat. In fact, chocolate is not merely a treat, it is a gastronomical oeuvre d’art. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to isolate the single, most expensive chocolate confection. Chefs from around the world showcase their creations at yearly international exhibits, each time tipping the scales one way or another based on that extra je ne sais quoi that brings new dimension to a single bite.

You might think the most expensive, and thus most exquisite chocolate would be found in Germany or Switzerland alone, but America has its share of master confectionery chefs whose product is equally perfect. La Maison du Chocolat, in New York City, is famous for its truffles, among other delights. The price per pound: $60 and up.

Vosges, of Chicago, is recognized for its mastery of creative ingredient combinations, including hickory smoked bacon chocolate. Typical price per pound: $70 and up.

Ready for a slight jump upscale? Delafee Chocolates, of Switzerland, feature edible, 24-karat gold flakes. These are applied manually, thank you very much. A typical price per pound: $510.

Let’s conclude with a slightly more digestible price point (not that there is anything wrong with splurging on an exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime chocolate experience, if one’s wallet allows). Richart Chocolates of Lyon, Paris and New York, produces chocolates that are adored both for their sumptuous flavor and appearance. Each piece is a colorful work of art in itself. Price per pound: $120.

Have you ever splurged on an irresistible chocolate adventure? Was it worth every penny?