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The Monday Mag – Mar 9, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine:

In The 158 Main Monday Magazine, This Week:
– According To This Food Study… Or Is It That One?
– Playing With Food
– Food Trends Of Boomers
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According To This Food Study… Or Is It That One? – Common sense and diversity may offer guidance without contradiction. Some studies take all the joy out of simple pleasures. 8 food studies that have completely reversed themselves puts things in perspective. “While it’s great that science is guiding us toward being healthier, studies often just cancel each other out. So, which is it?”

158 - potatoes

Playing With Food – Tic Tac Toast anyone? Apparently, this may be a collector’s item by now as it was discontinued. The reasons are nebulous. We are heartbroken.

Food Trends Of Boomers – Learned Something? Share it!Forecasters of food habits call them “Grazing Golden-Agers.” We think snacking is a habit of younger generations, but our grand-parents and great grand-parents increasingly indulge in snacking. Their approach is a testament to their responsibility as role models. Indeed, boomers, who were raised on three traditional meals, tend to opt for healthier snacks, with a focus on well-being and longevity.

158 - boomers

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