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Pizza For Lunch – Easy Currant Kasha & Pizza

For this recipe, we are going to use your FREE Sunday night Cheese Pizza as is and combine it with a light, slightly sweet dish for a delicious and quite satisfying lunch or snack duo. Serves 4, generously.

This combination can be served as a tasteful and tasty addition to a buffet style dinner.

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Ingredients –

1 FREE small Cheese Pizza
2 cups medium kasha
4 cups water
1 cup dried currants (you can also use raisins)
Ground pepper and dried parsley to taste

Instructions –

1. In a pan or kettle, set the water to boil.

2. Place your FREE cheese pizza on a pizza or cookie sheet. It is sliced in 8. Slice it again once, so that you end up with 16 narrow slices. Warm it in the oven while you prepare the kasha, until it becomes slightly crisp.

3. Toast the kasha over medium-high heat in a large, regular frying pan (NOT a non-stick pan), stirring constantly, until brown. About 3 minutes.

4. Reduce heat to low. Add the boiling water and currants (or raisins). Cover and cook until the currants are softened and the water is absorbed. Up to 12 minutes.

5. Add pepper and parsley to taste.

6. Arrange on individual dishes with two narrow pizza slices and a small salad. This is especially tasty with a salad including chopped orange wedges. You will thoroughly enjoy the natural sweetness of this dish and the variety of textures on your plate.

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Pizza For Lunch

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