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The Doggy Bag – 3 Serving Suggestions

Did you know that asking for a doggy bag is a great compliment to the chef? It means you believe what you ate at their table is worth eating again.

Some restaurants have dignified, dainty portions arranged artistically on each plate. This is appealing to the eye and palate, and a dining experience worthy of our time and money. Then again, we are not always in the mood for this. We see big, think big, dream big and believe in taking a generous bite out of life every day. Which leads us to the doggy bag… or box.

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In truth, while we happily share portions of our meals with our beloved pets, what we do bring home from the restaurant is intended for our own enjoyment. It was so good, we want to eat it twice. For someone on a tight budget, the doggy bag is a gift. Two meals for the price of one. Smart.

Here are a few ideas of ways to serve those prized leftovers you brought home from the restaurant. No shame in it. Pleasures that last are the very best.

1- Bread & Chicken – Leftover bread and chicken, from a Club Sandwich for example, can be turned into a beautiful and filling salad. Cube the leftover bread and warm to a slight crisp in the oven. Cube the leftover chicken. Add dried fruit, such as apricot, and seeds or nuts if you wish. Toss all with mixed greens.

2- Steak and Salad – Let’s say you had the Grilled Steak Salad. It is a generous portion and perfect for a whole new meal once you get home with what remained on your plate. Separate the meat from the salad. Add it to steamed vegetables. Add some fruit and greens of your choice to the remaining salad. Serve the meat mixture with a bit of the juices from the steamed vegetables, a bit of olive oil and a generous amount of grated Parmesan. You have just created a light stew with salad on the side.

3- Seafood – If you brought home a doggy bag of seafood, from the Crab Cake Dinner perhaps, you are in for a great treat. Toast slices of French bread or toast and cut several regular bread slices in two (2 triangles look good). Place the entire potion of your seafood meal in a food processor with a bit of cream cheese, to create a spread. Apply this to each piece of toast. Serve with a salad on the side or as is, as a mid-afternoon snack or to accompany a good read.

~ Eat Well!

What are your favorite doggy bag concoctions?

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