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Random Thoughts – Feb 16, 2013

158 - thought

The weekend is for building memories. It is for getting lost in the moment, starting three different projects at once. It is for standing over a half sliced onion, knife in hand, and getting lost in storytelling, a rant that cleanses the mind of the absurdities of the week or reverie about an upcoming trip. It is for breakfasts that begin at 11 and end at 3 in the afternoon. The weekend is for taking a hold of time and saying, “This is mine.” It is for catching up on the laundry thinking that it is a chore, only to realize that each motion has become meditation and the silence, the spring clean scent and the sense of accomplishment make us feel restored and ready to face any challenge. The weekend is man-made, of course; there was much wisdom in that.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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