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Ski Town Soups

Ski towns attract visitors because of, well, the skiing. Now that we have stated the obvious, let’s stray from it for a moment to see what else pops up along the road.

If you’ve lived here all your life, there are several reasons that cause you to stay. Quality of life, services, good neighbors and an overall sense of everything fitting just right come to mind. For a visitor, first impressions map the course.

First, there is the Ski Resort Facility or Inn or Bed & Breakfast we call home while we are away. The majority of people will return to the same place year after year, even generation after generation, if they truly felt at home, pampered and valued. Then, as we explore the surroundings, we discover little gems of shops and galleries, coffee shops and restaurants that become landmarks every time we return.

Food is an inevitable and irresistible aspect of traveling. In a sense, all of us are travelers. We travel to school and work every day. Navigating life is a trip in itself. It requires good fuel. Good fuel revives the body and the spirit all at once… which brings us to soup. This was hardly a detour, really!

Author Jennie Iverson published Ski Town Soups in July 2012. Her stunning compilation of Signature Soups from World Class Ski Resorts includes a stop at our very own Smugglers Notch with two soup selections, no less, including 158 Main’s Seafood Chowder, on page 103. By the way, each entry includes a brief  introduction, followed by the actual recipe, right from the chef. The secret is out!

Each recipe is accompanied by a mouth-watering photograph of the dish and concludes with a serving suggestion. The words, “Garnish chowder with a sprig of thyme,” add the final touch to the hearty New England soup that, along with other signature 158 Main dishes (every restaurant has more than one favorite) has played a significant part in bringing loyal dinner guests back to our tables.

Jennie Iverson adores winter. Three years ago, she started a journey to hunt down the best soups from ski resorts across the country. “What has grown from her travels,” observes a brief bio at the back of the book, “Has been a perfectly balanced recipe for life: a ski town, a comfortable restaurant and a yummy bowl of soup.”

We could not agree more and it is a great honor to be included.

Go to the Ski Town Soups’ Website


“A beautiful color rendition of 60 ski resorts, top chefs, and their favorite soup recipes… these soups will transport you into the ski villages across North America…  This book will serve as a travel companion as you plan your next ski vacation.”

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