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Valentine’s Dinner Menu ~ 2017

Here we are again, full circle to another February. The weather never ceases to confuse us... society baffles us even more. Thank goodness we have each other and simple pleasures that endure. Love, friendship, good neighbors who smile in the morning and make the day brighter, even the camaraderie of colleagues. Perhaps you come to… Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner Menu ~ 2017

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Valentine’s Day 2016 ~ Musings & Gallery

We hear it on the news: claim after claim that social media is destroying interpersonal relationships. It is true. We're all "guilty" of giving in to the distraction provided by our hand-held screens. Yet love prevails. We are drawn to intimate moments and conversations, inevitably. We need to check in, face-to-face; to hear a familiar… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2016 ~ Musings & Gallery

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Valentine’s Dinner 2016 – The Menu

What say you to Macadamia Nut Crusted Brie? Pear & Bleu Salad? Or Chicken Normandy? And this is but a glimpse. Here is our Valentine's Dinner Menu. As usual, we've put much thought into our selection so that you and your Valentine may enjoy a memorable feast. But remember, Valentine's Day is also for celebrating… Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner 2016 – The Menu