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Valentine’s Day 2016 ~ Musings & Gallery

valentine dinner 4

We hear it on the news: claim after claim that social media is destroying interpersonal relationships. It is true. We’re all “guilty” of giving in to the distraction provided by our hand-held screens. Yet love prevails.

We are drawn to intimate moments and conversations, inevitably. We need to check in, face-to-face; to hear a familiar voice, see the spark in the eye that confirms friendship, love, shared experience, common journey.

Valentine’s Dinner 2016. We set the stage with a touch of red here and flowers there, and with preparations for special dishes that demand extra time and attention. You set the stage by adding color to your face, styling your hair, selecting your best clothes. All attention is turned to presence and being.

Social media, emails, texts and long hours when the world disappears as the screen captures the senses cannot compete with our natural and irresistible attraction to each other, and to moments we can indeed seize, share and love.

Thank you for celebrating Valentine’s Day with us again this year. You are such good company!

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