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The Monday Mag – Feb 2, 2015

In This Edition Of Our New Weekly Magazine: - Breakfast With The Groundhog - Over 1.5 Million People Will Call In Sick Today - And The Gift Certificate Winners Are... Breakfast With The Groundhog - You might invite this cousin of the squirrel to breakfast on Groundhog Day. It will politely sit up and eat… Continue reading The Monday Mag – Feb 2, 2015

Famous Dinner Scenes

Famous Dinner Scenes – Groundhog Day

Bill Murray made an appearance in a previous Famous Dinner Scene featuring  What About Bob. In the present movie, his character returns to the same diner every day, starting fresh, only to notice that it is the same day all over again. Metaphor for life perhaps? At times, we know exactly what is going to… Continue reading Famous Dinner Scenes – Groundhog Day