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August Food Fest

August 3 is National Grab Some Nuts day. Slip this in your conversations around the Barbecue. That friend of yours who has a knack for ad lib stand-up comedy is certain to take you for a good round of laughs with this one. Besides that, August is rather well-fitted in terms of summer food highlights,… Continue reading August Food Fest

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This Week in Food History – 08/07/2017

  August is National Sandwich Month. When is a sandwich a sandwich? Well, officially, when the assemblage consists of no more than 50% bread and no less than 35% cooked meat. This, it seems, does not reflect reality. The sandwich was created on a whim by Lord Sandwich, remember? He needed one hand to gamble… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 08/07/2017

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Eat for Spring Wellness

Of all the concerns that occupy our minds at this time of year, one stands out: Our springtime waistline. Don't know about you, but we are not much in favor of the all or nothing approach. We are a creatures of habit, and some habits provide anchor points for enjoying life to the fullest. Without… Continue reading Eat for Spring Wellness