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The Monday Mag – Oct 24, 2016

In This Edition Of Our Somewhat Weekly Magazine:

  • The Varnum Food Fare
  • I Will Eat My Peas Just So, Pretty Please
  • Pumpkin Chuckin & Food Tossin

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week ~ ”


The Varnum Food Fare ~ Peanut Butter & Brains: A Zombie Culinary Tale by Joe McGee – “Debut author Joe McGee and up-and-coming illustrator Charles Santoso have crafted a delicious tale about being true to yourself that will make readers hungry for more.” – Goodreads.

“BRAINSSSSS! moan the zombies as they shuffle through Quirkville, scaring the townspeople. But Reginald isn’t like the other zombies. The only thing Reginald’s stomach rumbles for is sticky peanut butter and sweet jelly. He tries to tell his zombie pals that there’s more to life than just eating brains, but they’re just not interested. Can Reginald find a way to bring peace to Quirkville and convince the other zombies that there’s nothing better than peanut butter and jelly?” …The very first words of this quirky gooey tale set the stage for a deliciously colorful adventure and the perfect read for your little monsters this Halloween season. Fill your brains with this uncommon zombie story at The Varnum Memorial Library, or at your own local library.

Read the Goodreads reviews HERE.

I Will Eat My Peas Just So, Pretty Please ~ I Will Eat My Peas Just So, Pretty Please – Well, it just made sense to follow Peanut Butter & Brains with a look at kids’ weird food eccentricities. We turned to Mommy Shorts‘ Picky Eaters Club for confessions. Like the delicious sampling above? Find more HERE.


Pumpkin Chuckin & Food Tossin ~ The first, officially recognized Pumpkin Chuckin took place in a Delaware backyard in 1986. Over the last 30 years, it has grown into an East Coast tradition. The Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin Festival took place in Stowe last month. Who saw them pumpkins fly? Raise your hand. Humans love throwing food. Yes. Specifically food. In fact, it is a trait (if you can call it that) we share with other primates. We also have a fascination with ancient contraption and, luckily, honest to goodness chuckin requires a catapult.

Short of tossing pumpkins in your house or yard, this fall, we found this easy-to-make craft stick catapult at Kids Activity Blog, for hours of fun small food tossing. We have a neighbor who spoon-catapults dog treats around the family room for fun on rainy days. Make more than one. Paint them different colors. Have a competition. –


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