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The Monday Mag – June 22, 2015

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

– Dad, In The Kitchen, With Julia
– Like Margarita From A Watermelon
– And A Peach-Watermelon Slush In The Sun

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” – Bern Williams

158 - cooking with dad

Dad, In The Kitchen, With Julia – We love The Kitchn. We could easily share every single article and Facebook post from this website. Last year, in preparation for a Father’s Day article, they asked their readers to share what they had learned from their dads in the kitchen. This was a unique and loving way of acknowledging fathers. We stumbled upon this entry over the weekend and thought you’d enjoy it too. Here are a few excerpts, but do click over to the full version. “My dad didn’t start cooking until his retirement… he checked out Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking from the library and spent an entire afternoon making her beef bourguignon… It was an epic undertaking.” – “My dad’s cooking taught me that sometimes simplicity is the key to a truly great meal. I didn’t appreciate this until I was older… He made he kind of meals that were satisfying, comforting and left you going back for seconds.” Read on

158 - watermelon keg

Like Margarita From A Watermelon – Just a week or so ago we suggested you chop those watermelon rinds and add them to roasted vegetable dishes. Well, you might want to get an extra watermelon for your next get-together, because you’ll need one of them to make a keg. Incidentally, you can do this with any type of melon. Picture this, lined up on the edge of a table garnished with appetizing finger foods: Fruit punch in a cantaloupe keg for the kids. Honeydew melon serving Margarita and a refreshing chilled rose in the watermelon. Click over to full instructions.

158 - watermelon slushi

And A Peach-Watermelon Slush In The Sun – Summer is for cold, sweet beverages that cool you to the core. For kids, who use up a ton of energy playing outside (hopefully), half the fun is running back home for a satisfying cold drink. Here’s a healthy concoction they can help you prepare. It calls for sugar, but we’ve made it without and it was absolutely heavenly. Place 1 cup cubed peach, 4 cups cubed watermelon (seedless), 1/4 cup sugar (optional) and 3 cups of ice in the blender. Puree. Add 1 cup club soda. Blend. Pour into wide glasses. Garnish with fruit.

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