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The Monday Mag – May 4, 2015

In This Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

– Chew On That Invasive Song
– Turn Your Kids Into Health Nuts One Smile At A Time
– Eat Your Allergies Away

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.” – Paulo Coelho

158 - chewing gum

Chew On That Invasive Song – Those songs that get stuck in our heads like a fast food jingle are called “ear-worms.” We try to wiggle them out of there with another melody, or by counting sheep backward 3 by 3 or something, but you know that little dancing worm is not going anywhere… until you start chewing gum that is. Research tells us that over 90% of us are afflicted with an ear-worm prone brain. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology published research suggesting that by interfering with the motor skills involved in speech, gum may throw the body off enough that the song we keep playing back in our heads loses its rhythm and tune. But what happens if it is Mozart, not words, who invades your brain with little symphonic worms?

158 - smiley food

Turn Your Kids Into Health Nuts One Smile At A Time – Researchers at a Cincinnati inner-city school marked healthy food selections in the cafeteria with smiley faces. After three months, they presented the students (kindergarten through sixth grade) with a dish featuring 4 of the healthy selections, always bearing the smiley face. By then, children had chosen to add 20% more fruits and 62% more vegetables to their trays. Fewer drank chocolate milk, favoring regular milk instead. As for that special dish, students increased their appreciation for that selection by a whopping 335%.

158 - food for allergies

Eat Your Allergies Away – Get your fill of anthocyanins. That is actually easier done than said! These are phytonutrients known to alleviate inflammation. They are found in cherries, berries, red grapes and beets. A more common place to turn to for allergy help is the doctor’s daily apple. It contains Quercetin, a phytonutirient that has been shown to offer 3-fold benefits. Indeed, the daily apple has natural anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. More than this, biting into an apple helps reduce plaque and naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth that have been associated with some allergy symptoms as well. Not into fruits? Green tea, black tea and onions also contain Quercetin.

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