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Random Thoughts – 8/7/13

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Funny how the same space can provide different experiences, even different points of view. Yet the general atmosphere of a place forms a whole. It resonates everywhere. In a diner booth, there is a sense of privacy; or perhaps it is nostalgia. There is a rich history to the diner booth. The entire floor plan of dining establishments is designed a certain way for a reason. The original booth, like the counter, was conceived to maximize the use of space. The table demands more room, but also generates its own atmosphere. It feels more formal at a table. Even then, it is not the table, but the general atmosphere that sets the mood. To some, the counter is a sweet reminder of the time when you could buy a soda at the local drugstore. This is where many encountered their first soda fountains. Newer generations do not have these images in mind, yet the counter somehow connects us to a time when we sat, carefree, feet dangling, yet utterly grounded. It is as if the length of the counter itself has the power to ground you and to make the path ahead appear as crisp and reassuring as a fresh, sparkling soda.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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