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Random Thoughts – 7/30/13

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There was a time when the coolest thing was to go to the local diner and put 5 cents in the jukebox that was mounted against the wall at each booth, smack in the middle of Ketchup bottles and individual paper napkin dispensers with napkins on both sides. The novelty of making the music selections panels turn from a knob at the top, or on the side, and pressing the letter and number that would release the desired tune to play, never wore off. But what is most interesting by far is how this machine has marked an era, It existed at the cusp of a sharp contrast in behaviors. In truth, there does not seem to be any segway in the transition from one era to the next. Then, one person at one table made a selection that caused one tune to resound from the main speakers for everyone present at the time. First come, first serve, each piece playing in turn to accompany the entire dining crowd at once. The notion of private space was entirely different, and music was not a medium of isolation.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

Imagine jukeboxes at 158 Main or JPD!

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