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Random Thoughts – 6/17/13

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How many? How many loaves of bread have we carried home with a light heart and a feeling of utter abundance over the centuries? On horseback, on foot, in a Model-T Ford, on bicycle and tricycle. Is it possible to carry a loaf while perched high on a velocipede? How many children sent to market? “Get a loaf from Mr. Sam and tarry not on the way home!” How many servants kneaded dough in kitchens across this nation, across Europe, day in and day out, finding a moment of peace, relaxing in the rhythm of this sacred act of labor, feeling all at once that this was good work worth doing? Bread is always good work worth doing, is it not? How many barnyard animals awaited the blissful moment when a heel of bread would be tossed over the fence? They, too, know its power. They can sense it. It is universal. Even aliens may visit this world and return baffled by our customs and appearance, but we imagine their report might include these words: “They have five digits instead of three and some of them seem to fight a lot, but they have bread!” “Hooooo!” would be the response, and they would return, for surely a people that has mastered the art of bread making is worth knowing.

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