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Random Thoughts – 5/14/13

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The act of cultivating flowers, like cultivating fruit, can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, around 3,000 years BC. In fact, the first, most detailed botanical records date back to that time. Evidence of the use of cut flowers as ornamental objects can be found in paintings since ancient times. Flower arrangements have adorned dining tables and feasts for as long as we have become sedentary. In many ancient cultures, flowers were believed to be a direct link to the divine, yet one need not be religious at all in order to be mesmerized by their diversity and mere existence. Maybe a flower is a point of reference to contemplate the universe. We do not know how the first flower ever appeared, or why, and even though scientists have long identified and explained photosynthesis and every flower’s anatomy and growth process, their mere presence makes us pause as if we suddenly remembered that in the midst of a day’s challenges, “Ha yes! There is beauty and wonder.”

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