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Page Turners for Food Lovers – Chapter 4

A spur-of-the-moment selection of good reads for those who enjoy literature with a side of dinner-time intrigue or tasteful food-inspired story-telling. Each chapter represents a new selection of two books. Enjoy. Make recommendations!


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Heartburn – by Nora Ephron

“Comedy depends on anguish as surely as a proper gravy depends on flour and butter. Seven months into her pregnancy, Rachel Samstat discovers that her husband, Mark, is in love with another woman…  Rachel writes cookbooks for a living… Ephron’s irrepressible heroine offers some of her favorite recipes… as soul-satisfying as mashed potatoes and as airy as a perfect soufflé.”

Ephron (passed in 2012) the bestselling author of several books and acclaimed author and director of such memorable films as Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met sally. The New York Times wrote of Heartburn, Ephron’s first novel, that though it “bristles ferociously with wit, it’s not lacking in soul.”

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The Flounderby Gunter Grass

“It all begins in the Stone Age, when a talking fish is caught by a fisherman at the very spot where millennia later Grass’s home town, Danzig, will arise. Like the fish, the fisherman is immortal, and down through the ages they move together.”

Britain’s current affairs and politics magazine, New Statesman, talks of a “Bold and exhilarating historical sweep” and a “Poetic celebration of food and the arts of cooking.”

The author was born in Danzig, Germany. He was 12 when the Second World War erupted. He is a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1999) and has produced several plays, essays, poems and novels.

Happy Reading!

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NOTICE: Excerpts are from We strongly encourage you to stop by your local library (Varnum Memorial Library, in Jeffersonville), or a local bookstore (Ebenezer Books, Johnson) to explore these and other titles. The link is provided merely for your convenience and to offer a visual reference. 158 Main & JPD are not affiliated with Amazon.

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