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Good Foolish Fun With Food

Today being April Fools’ Day, we could not pass on this occasion to truly indulge in some clean and silly fun at the table and at parties.

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The present article started out with a search for information regarding the history of April Fools Day. This quickly “degenerated” into a search for food-related pranks. A food fight would have been futile. We gave in.

Without further ado, here are a few ideas for some good fun to have with food at the expense of others… and you can almost be assured that they will appreciate your ingenuity and the levity you have brought to their day.

The 21’s Century Banana – Inform the object of your prank that a banana grower has a developed a banana that grows pre-sliced, and offer the sample you acquired at the store. To prepare for this, you will need a toothpick or a long sewing needle. DO NOT peel the banana. Carefully prick through the skin and move the needle (or toothpick) back and forth sideways to slice through the flesh beneath the skin. Repeat this at regular intervals along the fruit.

Once in a Blue Moo Moon – Did you know that cows actually produce blue milk on a blue moon? We did not know that either and do not believe a word of it, but that does not mean it can’t happen. A few drops of food color will take care of that.

A Very Light Boiled Egg Please – Ha! The egg in the egg cup looks so dainty and it tastes so good. Prepare a boiled egg. Carefully remove the shell so that the tapered half comes off as a whole. Save the egg and serve only the eggshell in the egg cup.

Breakfast With No Strings Attached, Almost – Does your family eat O-shaped cereal? Perfect. Empty the entire box in a large bowl and string every O on a long piece of tan-colored thread. Secure the first and last O with a small knot. Place the threaded cereal back in the box. A variation: Same thing, but add the threaded O’s to a party mix.

New Hen Species Lays Shell-Less Eggs – Your spouse or partner makes the best omelettes in the world. Make sure they have a good supply of these new eggs next time. Soak a few uncooked eggs in vinegar. After several minutes, you should be able to remove the shell with great ease. Replace the egg in the egg carton, carefully.

And now, our favorite prank…

The Juice Drink That Wasn’t – This is a good one for parties. Make some Jell-O, per instructions on the package. Pour into clear glasses and pop a straw in each one. Place in the fridge to allow Jell-O to set. Offer your guests your homemade fruit cocktail and watch them try to drink it!

One more… also a favorite…

Science Defying Straw – Pierce several holes in the bottom half of a drinking straw. Then, pop it in the beverage you are about to serve an unsuspecting guest. This logic-defying trick will bring the most camera-worthy look upon their face.

A note of caution: Know your audience. Do not pull any prank on someone whom you suspect may be offended (kindness rules) or someone who has a health condition that could be aggravated by sudden surprise or food allergies.

Here is a link to more clean and harmless food-related pranks for your enjoyment – April Fools Food Round Up

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