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Random Thoughts – 3/14/13

158 - thought

Have you ever eaten something that tasted so good you wished you could drink it? Food nourishes and satisfies and excites with textures. Water quenches. We have a thirst for knowledge. We have a thirst for love. We sip on coffee and wine as we might tentatively believe words from a new acquaintance, little by little, wanting to gulp it all in at face value, yet holding back. It is different with a cold beverage. It is like being totally open and ready and clear. We take giant gulps as if we had not had anything to drink for miles and miles. Could it be that a cold beverage reminds us of cupping our hands to drink straight out of the flowing, pure, clean waters of a river? Wine connects us to tradition. Coffee revives our spirit, but water can be felt behind the solar plexus as if our hearts had been waiting to quench an ancestral thirst.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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