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Random Thoughts – Mar 6, 2013

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Modern buildings are erected in cities around the world. Marvels, all of them. Some appear made entirely of green-tinted glass. They look futuristic, even by today’s standards.Have you ever stopped and wondered, “What will still be standing 100 years from now?” We build new structures when old ones crumble. We build new structures because we cannot help refining our methods and design. We are creators. We build new structures because we can. Meanwhile, some places seem to outlast even time itself. Changing them, as long as they stand well-grounded, would be futile; even wrong. They have a personality; a story. They were built with bare hands more than with equipment. They have housed businesses that were the livelihood of hard-working pioneers; those who established storefronts and farms and schools and our communities. They are simple, yet always stylish. We see them every day as we pass by. We enter frequently, always feeling oddly at home. We do not think about change in those moments, but about atmosphere and about what is constant and reassuring. If these four walls could speak.

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Above picture: the Fresco, at Jeffersonville Pizza Department

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