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Random Thoughts – 8/28/13

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There is no experience quite like sharing a meal with a true friend. You understand each other without speaking and even if you did not see eye to eye for a moment, food has the undeniable ability to restore you to common grounds. The inspiration for these random thoughts spans from an impromptu stop by the North Country Animal League‘s Facebook page, earlier today. It featured a large bucket filled with four pups, all girls, all innocent about their fate, all ready to share a story and a bite with a kind soul. We thought of big brown eyes staring up by a dinner table. Of course, we teach them good manners so that visitors may not feel invaded. They sit, bewildered, already savoring a tasty morsel in their minds. Many cartoons portray them telepathically instructing their humans to share a bite. We give in, of course. The bond is irresistible. We are not their masters after all; we are their guardians and they are our teachers. They teach us to soften up, that we do not need to be in control all the time, to be sensitive enough to want to cry when they lay a paw on our thigh, to feel blessed by he smallest of shared moment. How is it possible that so many be abandoned?

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