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An Impromptu Photo Gallery

Our good friend Silvio comes in every morning to get his coffee and returns often during the week for lunch. If you have visited his Facebook page, you are familiar with his “Morning Snapshot.”

This week, he surprised us with an impromptu photo shoot behind the scenes. It was a lot of fun and we hope to do this again from time to time. Thanks Silvio!

158 - kitchen 1

158 - kitchen 2

158 - kitchen 3

158 - kitchen 4

158 - kitchen 5

The next one is our favorite. In fact, it inspired a recent Random Thought.

158 - kitchen 6

And if you happen to visit us on Facebook, you may have seen this photo. Silvio calls it “Action!” and when we invited viewers to post a caption this is what he suggested: “Chef Jacques, in a rare scene from the movie ‘The Chef and The Ghost of Madame linguine,’ nominated for a Golden Egg Award.”

158 - kitchen 7

Can you think of a caption for this action shot of Chef Jacques?

While you’re here, take a peek at the new Table Talk card we just posted!

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