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Random Thoughts – Jan 15, 2013

158 - thought

The kitchen is silent at first. Then, little by little, the rhythms of the day begin. Every day, a new choreography of sound, aroma and movement plays itself out behind the curtain. This dance remains hidden from its audience, not because there is something to hide, but because it is sacred. It preserves the mystery of turning raw ingredients into nourishment. Nevertheless, the entire symphony is encrypted in even the simplest of dishes. It started centuries ago, in a makeshift kitchen in some distant land, where an ordinary fellow-man (or woman) suddenly stopped and realized he had not merely cut the meat from the hunt; he had created something that would change the experience of living itself. There is a story simmering in every pot, and the sounds of gently dancing water and sauces is its music.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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