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Page Turners for Food Lovers – Chapter 1

Today, we introduce yet another segment to our playful blog. We think of food as an essential form of entertainment; perhaps the most essential, for unlike other forms of entertainment, food brings us around a table where we face each other. It sets the tone for exchanging ideas.

The table is the place where we discuss a good movie we have just seen, or a play. It is where we debate who should win the next game and where we passionately defend our take on the players’ performances once the game is over.

As a complement to our Famous Dinner Scenes segment, today begins the first chapter of the Page Turners for Food Lovers segment, the sole purpose of which it is to share with you some possible good reads if you happen to enjoy literature with a side of dinner-time intrigue or tasteful dinner scene story-telling. Each chapter represents a new random selection of two books. Enjoy. Make recommendations too!


158 - blog - 0114 - 1
Pomegranate Soup: A Novel (includes recipes) – by Marsha Mehran

“It has been seven years since Marjan Aminpour fled Iran with her younger sisters… She hopes that in Ballinacroagh, County Mayo, Ireland, a land of ‘crazed sheep and dizzying roads,’ they might finally find a home… From the kitchen of an old pastry shop on Main Mall, the sisters set about creating a Persian oasis… the Babylon Café, and a shock to a town that generally subsists on boiled cabbage and Guinness served at the local tavern…”


158 - blog - 0114 - 2

Bone in The Throat – Chef Anthony Bourdain’s First Novel

“A wildly funny, irreverent tale of murder, mayhem, and the mob… Up-and-coming chef Tommy Pagana settles… at his uncle’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Little Italy… Unwittingly finds himself a partner in big-time crime… Nothing Tommy learned in cooking school has prepared him for what happens next…”

Happy Reading!

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NOTICE: Excerpts are from We strongly encourage you to stop by your local library (Varnum Memorial Library, in Jeffersonville), or a local bookstore (Ebenezer Books, Johnson) to explore these and other titles. The link is provided merely for your convenience and to offer a visual reference. 158 Main & JPD are not affiliated with Amazon.

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