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Table Talk 6… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Table Talk is a segment we began posting on our Facebook page a little while ago. It consists in cue cards with a question to inspire meal-time conversation.

jpd - blog - table talk

The ability of one single question to conjure up memories and spark truly enjoyable conversation is quite fascinating, especially when it reaches beyond the daily inner dialog we all maintain at one level or another.

We thought it will be easier to access and refer to these, should you be looking for conversation starters, if we post the series on our blog.

Table Talk Cue Cards will provide ideas for dinner conversation if you are meeting with new acquaintances, or to lighten up the mood during a business gathering. They could provide hours of fun at a birthday party or simply a unique way to get to know a new friend. They can be used with children too. We like to include kids even if they may not always understand a question the same way we do. Listen. There is often a lot of wisdom in those little voices and their funny answers.

Since the first five cards were already posted on Facebook, we begin with Table Talk #6. We have included the 5 previous cards as well. In the future, you can find this segment by clicking on the Table Talk Label in the sidebar. You will also find links to new cards from our Facebook page every time we come up with a new question. Enjoy.

Ho! And you are more than welcome to suggest questions!

jpd - blog - table talk 6

Table Talk #6 – If a local radio station allowed you to have your own weekly half-hour show, what type of show would you host?


Previous Table Talk Cue Cards

jpd - blog - table talk 5

Table Talk #5 – If you could be the CEO of any company in the world, which company would that be and why?


jpd - blog - table talk 4

Table Talk #4 – If you could have the perfect view from your bedroom window, what would that be?


jpd - blog - table talk 3

Table Talk #3 – Name a toy or gift you received for Christmas, last year or before, that you will remember all your life and explain why.


jpd - blog - table talk 2

Table Talk #2 – Discuss anything that you’ve read today in the newspaper or online that was funny, odd or eye-opening. Serious, gloomy topics not allowed!


jpd - blog - table talk 1

Table Talk #1 – If you could rename the street you live on, what would you name it and why?


See all Table Talk Cards

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