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This Week in Food History – 05/29/2017

Ah June! Take your pick. It’s National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Seafood Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, National Turkey Lover’s Month, National Steakhouse Month and we’re probably skipping a handful. How are National Food Holidays created anyway? Food Holidays are proclaimed by state and municipal governments, or they are signed… Continue reading This Week in Food History – 05/29/2017

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Fricassee of Words – Say Cheese!

Fricassee: Meat cut into pieces and stewed in gravy. Fricassee of Words: Musings on food-inspired expressions, words and word play, with occasional bits and pieces of kitchen jargon too. Don't stir the pot, go fry an egg, two eggs in a basket are better than one hen in the bush... you get the picture by… Continue reading Fricassee of Words – Say Cheese!