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New Year’s Eve 2017 Gallery

You know how it goes. You spend hours standing in the middle of your living room, dreaming of new furniture. You imagine the new textures, colors and arrangement in minute detail, pouring so much creative energy in the process that it almost becomes a meditation. In fact, your mind is so occupied and taken by the journey that it carries it into your dreams and waking hours. Soon, you can’t help but stop in your tracks to picture it all over again the moment you happen to walk across the room or peek at it through a doorway.

Initially, we imagined bringing in the new booths and tables in stages, but again, you see where this is going. Once the first booth was assembled, and the first section transformed, waiting to do this over several weeks would have been like asking a child to unwrap her Christmas gifts over time. Not gonna happen! So we plunged into a frantic (almost) assembly line early mornings before breakfast and late nights after dinner, and every time in between. We hope you like the result as much as we do.

New Year’s Eve came, amidst this new stage. The mood is always playful as we prepare for this grand evening, and it was especially bright this year as our fresh new look seemed so timely. Thank you for joining us on this occasion and throughout the year. We look forward to the months ahead and wish for you all the new, bright circumstances you want to experience in your life.