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New Year’s Eve 2016 Gallery & Musings

Our eyes are still set in front of our faces, focusing on the horizon. After thousands of years of evolution, we still see the world from the perspective of the hunter. Our true angle of vision is much wider than this, of course, but we mostly notice the corridor that unfolds ahead, often forgetting the entire scope of our surroundings. Some might argue that this no longer serves us, but that would be ignoring one of our most cherished senses: the sense of taste.

Imagine if our awareness presented us with the full range of our vision, all day, every day. We might see the world much in the same manner a chameleon does; one eye exploring the eastward scenery while the other follows all movements occurring to the west. Maddening, if you are not a chameleon.

Our forward focus provides a unique advantage: It allows us to assess and appreciate. More than this, it allows us to discover beauty; or perhaps to define it. And few expressions of beauty awaken the senses as does a celebratory feast and the very stage upon which it is set.

Unlike the chameleon, also (come to think of it, how we managed to bring a chameleon into this picture is beyond us), we may not change the color of our skin to morph with the surroundings, but we certainly change the color of our mood.

So the next time you plan to share a meal with friends, even the most innocent meal on the spur of the moment and on the edge of the table, notice how your very skin tingles with new energy as you bring to mind a dish, a place, a face, a taste, an occasion… And as you look forward to this new year, both literally and metaphorically, notice the color of your mood.

Thank you for sharing 2016 with us, and for choosing to welcome 2017 at our tables. We look forward to seeing you for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner throughout the year. And just to make your inner chameleon dream of colorful futures… HERE is the menu we served this New Year’s Eve.